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WEEK 6 2018

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Saturday 10 February 2018
Saturday - Starting to move stuff into the new place - February 4th was 100 days in the RV, and I'd actually planned to be out by the end of December... Oh well.  

If I'm on the road having the pets in the house across the street will actually be easier for the boys to watch.  The RV was actually closer but Budd is always trying to escape the RV and it's a pain getting him into the pen at night, and the cleaning and little pick-up is a bear.

Friday 9 February 2018
Friday - Very tired after painting yesterday.  Did a few small things.

Thursday 8 February 2018
Thursday - Started painting the kitchen.  It looks a lot better, even in primer white.  I'm thinking a very light yellow, with white trim, when I get around to a final color.

I pulled the kitchen window curtains down...I'm pretty sure they hadn't been moved in 25 years or so.  Literally caked in dirt.

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Wednesday - Well, it looks as though I am going to go down to Ventura next week for a couple of days of inspection.  It's been over a year, and the contractor is going to repair some bad wye joints that the District inspection has discovered.  It shouldn't be too long of a job, a few days at most.

I'll have to find my inspection gear - safety vest, hat, etc.  I think it was packed at the end of the move, so it should be accessible.

Tuesday 6 February 2018
Tuesday - My brother's colonoscopy went fine, no problems discovered...

Monday 5 February  2018
Monday - Still cleaning in the kitchen.

Sunday 4 February 2018
Sunday - I need to start getting papers and documents together for my tax appointment in March.  It's been a very messy year...and not very profitable.

One thing that happened a couple of weeks ago, that I didn't talk much about, was the death of Robert Bruce Thompson.   RBT wrote extensively on computer building, astronomy, and in recent years prepping.  He was the proprietor of a very successful business aimed at home schooler's and chemistry.  Indeed, his kits were so good that mainstream schools sometimes bought them, rather than assemble their own.

His health had been declining, and he finally went to see a doctor about what he thought was the flu, only to discover it was congestive heart failure.  There was a successful operation, but he could never shake the hospital infections to his lungs, and finally the heart gave out. (This is reminiscent of my uncle, who went into the hospital for fractured ribs and ending up dying of a hospital infection, "iatrogenic" I think the phrase is).

It's odd, I've been following his blog for 20+ years I suppose, and we've exchanged a few comments, just internet acquaintances not close friends, but this hit me hard.  I actually gasped out loud on reading the news.

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West Valley winter sunset

West Valley clouds and winter sunlight near dusk.

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