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WEEK 13 2018

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Saturday 31 March 2018
Saturday - Warm, in the high 70's I'd guess. 

Put in another day in the yard - laid out and cut the tension wire for the old section of fence in back, excavated at the old front fence, laid out the chicken wire for anti-digging defense, fixed the gap at the gate, picked up some inexpensive pavers ($0.88/SF) for the walkway under the gate.

Very tired, but it's so warm I didn't sleep well.  I actually woke up several times to auditory hallucinations along the lines of "Look Out Ed!".  Weird.  I often have strange dreams when warm at night, just not like that.  Perhaps it's the quiet?

I watched a bit of "Ben Hur", but had to go over in mid evening to feed and kennel dogs.

R&S are at the beach in Oregon, the picture looked nice.

Friday 30 March 2018
Friday - Hot! In the 80's, I actually got a bit of a sunburn working in the yard.  Put in the "tension wire" for the new section of fence, it took a lot longer than I thought.

R&S are off on travel, and since the yard is not yet a prison suited for digging/climbing Chihuahua's I went over in the evening and fed and kenneled them.  Until I get the fence done I'll have to do this twice a day.

I talked to the neighbor, Phil, and mentioned that I'd like to (temporarily) attached some dog-proofing to the fence, he was fine with that.  And warned me that coyotes can easily climb the fence and snack on small dogs - I reassured him that I was bringing them in at nightfall.  Others have mentioned the coyotes, and the owls and rattle snakes as well...

Thursday 29 March 2018
Thursday - Hot!

Aaron and I put in the new fencing, and repaired the old, somewhat.  Moved the old gate to the back and hung it, replaced (for now) the gap with some new chain link fencing, stuff like that. It looks a lot better!

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Wednesday - Very warm.  Aaron and I went over and I bought the chain link fence tools - to rent them twice would cost as much as buying them once, and when the dogs are gone I'll have to replace the old fence, so...
Tuesday 27 March 2018
Tuesday - A nice day, a breeze now and then, near 70F.

Aaron came by, with G, and we put in five fence posts, with concrete.  There is more to do, but it's as much as we could do in an afternoon.  I found a place that will rent the fabric and wire stretching tools, we may put that fabric and the gate up tomorrow.

The front fence is an issue.  The posts aren't actual chain link posts, but are instead bits of very thin walled conduit.  I may be able to reinforce them temporarily, with pipe down inside of them, but the whole piece needs to be replaced.

The back (east) fence is much the same, conduit and bits of water pipe cut with a torch.

For now it just needs to be strong enough to resist a pack of Chihuahua's.

Monday 26 March  2018
Monday - Sunny-ish but cool.

Out fiddling with the fence a bit, we had some high winds the last few days and the trash cans (actually green waste cans for my non-existent landscaping) were pushed against the front chain link fence and broke the posts!  They needed replacing, but I wasn't going to do it right this week.

I spend a bunch of time to mop the floors inside more.  I occasionally had mopped, but it's been too cold to really hit it hard. I used "Awesome", then water, then soap, then water.  They are still old and stained, but much better than they were.  I think all the old paint and texture compound dripped on the floors was getting ground up by stepping on the spills, and then turning to powder and becoming airborne.  I've mentioned the incredible amount of dust, this is part of the cause I think.

Sunday 25 March 2018
Sunday - Went over and took care of the canine commitments.  Did a bit of shopping - Ralph's, Walmart and the 99-Cent store.  Just a few things.  Ralph's was just for the Jalapeno Cheesy Bread...

Citi finally sent me an encrypted email with some information I'd requested.  It wasn't correct.  OTOH I found a copy of an old (encrypted) email from them, with the correct information.  I hate dealing with Citibank, it's always a hassle.  The encrypted email for example: encrypted for my protection supposedly, but they then suggest you download and install the horrifically insecure Adobe Acrobat to view it.  And I couldn't even find the email originally because it doesn't come from Citi but a third party, with the title not showing any useful information. Ugh. 

Sumatra PDF works just fine...

So, I sent it off the the tax people, hopefully things can now proceed.  How many weeks has this been dragging out?

Did some computer work, assembling tax stuff to send off tomorrow.

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P-38 and F-22

A P-38 and and F-22 at the LA Airshow, 2018.

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