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WEEK 14 2018

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Saturday7 April  2018
Saturday - Bought some supplies for the yard, but was worn out by noon and took the rest of the day off.

I did stop by and visit with my brother M, after a visit to the tax place in Palmdale.  His Xeriscaping looks nice, he and a friend were going to go get some more plants after I left.

Friday 6 April 2018
Friday - Warm again.  Working away on this and that - not much to say there.

Heard back from the tax lady finally, and ouch, I owe.  No surprise there, with sales of three properties during the year, so my tax estimates were low.  Oh well.

Thursday 5 April 2018
Thursday - Another warm day, windy, and some high clouds.

Mr. Turtle has a fine appetite, and is back to his usual mean self.  I was worried for a few days.

P came over, and we continued work on the little patio extension.  I'm not putting too much time or money into it, it'll all come out when I get around to really landscaping the back yard. By 4pm it was mostly complete, but I need to pick up a few things at Lowe's tomorrow, to finish it.

Also cleaned up various things, putting them out of the fenced area and into the RV shed.  It's getting cluttered in there.

Next, I have to do something with the front yard - it's just dirt and weeds right now.

The transplanted cactus seems happy, unlike the pine seedlings.

The dogs seem happy, not nearly as noisy as I expected.  In particular, although the local dogs howl along with sirens (rare out here) they don't - sirens are commonplace in Lancaster, every few minutes.

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Wednesday - Warm again.

The boys came over and we finished putting down the chicken wire and stitching it to the chain link.  We ran out of the nice 3' width, and had to do some extra stitching to combine two 20" strips to fit.  There's probably not 20' of left over chicken wire, but it should work, and doesn't look as bad as I feared.  We used some stakes to hold the chicken wire down, and then put some bricks every 2' or so, just to make it a pain to move/dig.

I also had the boys start on putting down some pavers near the house - the existing concrete step is small, and this temporary area will allow the dogs and myself a non-dirt, non-fox-tail, non-burr area.  It's just temporary, not a real patio or anything.
Tuesday 3 April 2018
Tuesday - Warm again.

The yard was secure enough that I felt comfortable in bringing the dogs over in the morning.  Yay! No more twice daily trips to Lancaster...

The boys came over, and we started putting down the chicken wire, and stitching it to the base of the chain link fence.  Also we put down some pavers at the gate, to keep the dogs from digging under and escaping there.

I also put up a small fence around the raised bed for the pine seedlings, and finally transplanted the cactus, out of my wheelbarrow (which we needed for transporting bricks).

Monday 2 April  2018
Monday - A nice day.  Warm, even.

I took a friend's boy to college in Bakersfield, a nice drive from here, only about 80 miles. His dorm room is huge, compared to what I remember kids in dorms having...

Worked some more on that fence in back, actually hooking up the tension wire top and bottom, tensioning it, then bracing the old terminal post that started coming out of the ground during tension application; and doing various other repairs and attachments.  Using "hog rings" to attach the fabric to the wire, with a correct set of hog ring pliers makes things very easy. There was still a lot of twisting of wires to do, however, attaching fabric to the top rails and posts.

Sunday 1 April 2018
Sunday - Happy Easter.

I didn't do much around the house - a few small chores, like washing clothes, that needed to be done. 

I did try to read "A Wild Sheep Chase" by Haruki Murakami.  Several authors that I like said they liked it...meh.  Only got about 20% of the way through. I have to get to 51% to make it a "book read"...

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crows in the yard

Crows in the field out back.

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