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WEEK 14 2017

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Saturday 8 April 2017
Saturday - A gorgeous day.  Not even windy.

I did yard and garage work most of the morning, trying to get things cleaned up enough.  I need to make a couple of feet for my printer stand, and add a shelf to it to hold paper, so I spent a couple of hours on that.

I brought over an iPad at lunch and talked to S about updates.  She says the kids have issues with the sliding "Rewards Screen" and had some ideas about a different exit animation, so I'll look into those.  It may require more work with long press gesture recognizers, which I haven't had much luck with.  I also dropped off my marked up copy of the Instructions, so she can review it and see what she thinks.

After lunch I did some reviews of "tap and hold" and "touch and hold" for iOS programming, and have a couple of ideas of things to try out.

Friday 7 April 2017
Friday - Again, OK weather.

Just ground away at the app.  Finally resolved the bugs and things work OK.  There was one place where I wasn't updating the model properly, sometimes, and that meant I had to play the app dozens of times to get the error to occur so that I could fix it.  Sigh.
Thursday 6 April 2017
Thursday - A nice day, a little muggy and warm.

I really wanted to do my walk, but decided I needed to knuckle down and finishing the score-keeping part of the app. Put in ten hours at the computer...

I got things mostly working, still some bugs here and there in it though.

I'm waiting on some help to go get some heavy wood that I've been offered, and that I've found. I need to get a wedge for splitting wood.  I assume Harbor Freight has them, cheap, or maybe Roger has some tucked away somewhere from a yard sale or two.

Wednesday 5 April 2017

Wednesday - A nice day.  It has started to get overcast again, and some mild winds came up in the afternoon. Relatively quiet in the neighborhood.

Working away on the app most of the day.  Finalized the optimal number of plays for each game level possible hand. Ran into a puzzling inability to get card positions for print out, despite which the code works fine.  Once again, probably a thread thing, since debug printouts are not coming out in order....

Sent S a link to the WWDC videos, so that she can see the Apple's state of the art in assistive technologies.  It turns out that they will only play on the latest MAC or iOS release - her phone, her PC, and her old tablets wouldn't work.  Ah Apple, never change, you wouldn't want other people to see something you are actually doing right!

I never noticed because I keep things reasonably up to date...

Anyway, she was impressed by some of their stuff.  They really have, despite my general loathing of them, made some strides in the assistive stuff.

She sent me a copy of the Instructions to review, version 4 essentially, that had been 'edited' by a Fivver guy. Meh.  She says it was worth it, for the money.  It's an ODT, which I can export to PDF and just copy into the project so that users and use Quicklook to view.

I mentioned to her that I had been looking at writing manuals with Libre Office, and ran across an article and document explaining how to use just templates, rather than combining style sheets and markup, which always ends in tears.  I'll have to find that link and send it to her...
Tuesday  4 April 2017
Tuesday - Warm again.  I did a 6+ mile walk about midday, a very nice day for it. It's been several week since the weather cooperated - even when not raining we've had very high winds.

Worked on the app and other things.

One of those days where, at about 8pm, you realize you've been at it all day, non-stop.  Even lunch was eaten while walking....

The job last year in Saticoy has some serious bedding defects causing offset joints, so that's embarrassing, although I was primarily a components and materials and placement inspector - I didn't have tools or training to assess bedding compaction issues - it's covered by the contractor's guarantee because he swapped out rock and grindings for sand, saying he could make it work by compaction and jetting (Change Order #1).  Still, it's annoying, and a big pain for the client.

And there might be some inspection work, storm drain camera stuff, later in the year.  I am, reluctantly, interested, despite the tedium of sitting in a truck watching a screen.  There hasn't been a lot of work this year.

Actually met with Dr. G for a few minutes, who gave me a nice current double sided printout of the manual. Yay!  I told him that I'd been plunking away on familiarizing myself with the code and interface again...

I saw more wood, some biggish limbs, illegally dumped by the unpaved roadside while out on my walk - haven't gotten together with Glen yet, but we might go get that as well.

Of course the fireplace season is pretty much over, barring a nor-wester from Alaska in the next couple of weeks.  It will give things time to season, assuming I'm here next year.

Monday 3 April 2017
Monday - Reasonable weather.  Working away on the app and things.

Apple has changed the symbolic debugger.  But my usual approach is pretty crude: put breakpoints in and watch the memory meter to see where the leaks are.  Only now, when you press GO to step the memory meter disappears... 

Never change Apple, I'm sure there's more bog standard straight-forward stuff you can screw up still, if you look!

S called, said her tree trimmer had left a bunch of limbs and trunk wood in her driveway, so I went over and collected all but the two biggest pieces.  I'll texted to Glen to see if he can help me with the others - really they need to be trimmed down to size.  My wood pile is getting big again, though this old dry bug-eaten stuff would burn quick and hot.

Sunday  2 April  2017
Sunday - Another warm day. A bit windy.

Doing various chores around the house.  Mowed the side yard and back lawn.  I really need to de-gopher things, but have been putting off using the poison out of squeamishness.

The winter Japanese anime season has ended.  It was not very good, so, whatever.

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Cactus amid the poppies.
Cactus amid the poppies.

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