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WEEK 1 2019 

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Saturday 5  January  2019
Saturday - Typical weather.

Went for a 3 mile walk, just to keep limber. 

I'd swapped out the AA batteries in the wall clocks before Christmas.  These were Duracells, from a pack I'd bought a few years ago, and dated to last until 2024.  But by midweek most of the clocks were stopped.  Bah.

Friday 4 January 2019
Friday - A rather warm day, actually, in the 50's.

I took the opportunity to mop the floors, since it was relatively warm and dry. The hallway linoleum had a lot of paint splatters - I hadn't been particularly careful painting the walls and ceilings because I expected to have new flooring by now ( ...another best laid plan... ).  So I took a couple of hours to scrape all that off, before mopping.  It looks better, not perfect, but it's what I could do to still have time to mop and have the floor dry.

I was pretty beat by the time this was done: not much on crawling around on my hands and knees anymore, and mopping always makes my lower back hurt.

S called, she's having serious problems with her brand new Dell laptop.  Serious enough that she's been hours on the phone with Dell, and completely re-installed system on it.  She's a calm and methodical type: and is in a killing mood right now, just like anyone who has to deal with Dell technical support.

dell tech support

Ahhhh.  Nice to know I'm not the only sufferer out there...

It was a quiet evening.  Quieter than usual because I had unplugged the turtle tank filter pump, and it didn't want to start again.  It was so quiet it was eerie.  Mr. Turtle huddled at the bottom of his tank, the cats walked around spooked.

Once I'd cleared algae out of the pump, before going to bed, the pump worked.  I changed the carbon and filter as well, though it's about time for another algae-cide infusion, which has to be done without the carbon.

A friend in San Diego sent me a query about the death in Lancaster of an older guy, in his 60's.  I hadn't heard, and had to look it up online: there's a video. I guess he said something to a guy blocking his car in at a Jack In The Box parking lot and the other guy punched him, knocked him down and killed him, and then drove off.  Police are looking for the attacker.

I keep telling my friends to get out of town, it's become lawless and dangerous,  but like boiling frogs they don't take the warning seriously.

Thursday 3 January 2019
Thursday - A reasonably warm day, in the low 50s.

I went for about a 3 mile walk, came back and had a nice bowl of home made soup.

Did various things around the house.

In the evening I went next door and we finished watching Season 1 of Star Trek: Discovery.  Meh, the finale itself was kind of a letdown, the last couple of episodes were better.  It was fun to watch, but...

The plot was just plain stupid in part: the USS Discovery has a super secret drive that was the deciding factor in defeating the Klingons.  So who do they let walk off the ship knowing the secret? 

Firstly: Harcourt Fenton Mudd, here played as a brilliant psychopathic killer, and his arms dealing in-laws. 

Secondly: a human that has been transformed into a Klingon, and committed murder, goes off with the new (human hating) supreme commander of the Klingons. 

Thirdly: the murderous racist cannibalistic Emperor from an alternate universe, who has committed genocide on at least one occasion.

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Wednesday - Cold overnight. I went around the other day and taped a couple layers of cloth over the house's exterior spigots, to avoid pipe freezing in case it was very cold.

But it's only flirted with the high teens, I think you'd need single digit temperatures for house spigots to freeze.

Around noon I went for a walk, about 2.25 miles, in wool shirt and hoodie, with a hat and the hood up.  It was tolerable.

I went into town with AH and did a few banking things, dropped off an overdue book; he had to drop off a borrowed tool at O'Reilly's.

Then I went through a bunch of paperwork and bill stuff.  I need to do a preliminary pass through my taxes for last year as well.

I received a grand total of three Christmas Cards this year, one from my veterinarian, two from friends.

Well, I've been bad about it myself for the last couple of years, so I suppose I shouldn't complain.

Tuesday  1 January 2019
Tuesday - New Years Day!

Another year gone...

Quiet.  Not much going on. I actually want to mop floors and vacuum and stuff, but it's so darn cold that I can't open doors and windows to air things out.

The pellet stove hopper will hold enough pellets for about 13 hours of burn time, left on low overnight. This will keep the front room and kitchen at 60F+, but the rest of the house - particularly the master bedroom and west bedroom with their large windows, drop into the low 50's.  I'm trying some floor fan arrangements to spread the heat out a bit.

New Years Dinner was at A&Hs place, with the Honey-Baked Ham I'd picked up a while ago in Ventura, and some nice potato casserole and spinach as a side dish.  Delicious!

Monday 31 December 2018
Monday - New Years Eve.

See last week.

Sunday 30 December 2018
Sunday - See last week.


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Sagebrush in bloom
Sage in bloom, 2018.

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