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WEEK 21 2020 

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Saturday 23 May  2020

Saturday - Puttering away at this and that.

Got a text from S, she says Facebook and Twitter suddenly appeared on her phone.  Weird.

Did I say soon for the successor to  Princess Valerie's War? Apparently it was written in 2011, and the author apparently has a reputation for just stopping in the middle of things.

Friday 22 May  2020

Friday - Warm and windy.

Pretty tired, didn't do much.

Mr. Turtle is enjoying the heater, I found him draped over it again this morning, like a human with a "pool noodle". On the other hand he is completely disinterested in grapes and strawberries, which my brother's turtle enjoys.  I need to fish them out of the tank now.

Book #21 was Princess Valerie's War (Tanith Series #2), by Terry Mancour.

There is supposedly a third book in the series coming out soon.

Thursday 21 May 2020

Thursday - Pleasant, not too windy.

Glen came by and we worked in the yard for about six hours, weeding, filling in holes, and running the metal detector down the path to the back.  I found a few more nails and screws, and numerous chunks of torched off metal and bits of wire solder.

In the afternoon I worked on some STARS stuff, though it got warm in the west office by 5:00, even with the a/c on.

Wednesday 20 May 2020

Wednesday - Hot and windy.

Working on bills, and some STARS stuff.  My old guides are a bit out of date, FreeCad is a moving target.

I'd noticed that the turtle was a bit listless.  His water is a bit cold, so I plugged the heater back in.

Tuesday 19 May  2020

Tuesday - Warm and a little windy.

Glen came by and did more weeding, finishing the side yard and back yard, starting on the waist high stuff around the containers.  I really don't want to get a bill or notice from the fire department - this is the highest the weeds have been that I've seen in three springs.

While laying down the extremely heavy solar water panels I managed to crush my ankle pretty good.  It hurt like the dickens, and I have an good bruise raised up.  Bah. Had I been wearing boots it wouldn't have happened.

Talked to Dr. G for a bit, he sounds in good spirits.  We went over some FreeCad-Stars items and I'm going to refresh the old detailed write ups I did a year or two ago.

Monday 18 May 2020

Monday - Windy.

I've been looking for the long sheathing panels to finish the garden windbreak.  I went into Lowe's yesterday and they had only 8' lengths, and that's all Home Depot has listed as well.  They mention 9' lengths but state that it isn't in stock and can't be delivered to the store. WTH?

When I get a chance I'll call around to some of the more industrial lumberyards locally.

Glen came by and we worked in the yard all morning, had lunch, then a bit more.

Sunday 17 May 2020

Sunday - Warm again.

I  went shopping in the morning for groceries, with S, stocked up on soda's in particular since I have help coming over this week to help with yard work.

I didn't see any products out of stock, not toilet paper or napkins, not meats.  I admit I didn't look at the disinfectant aisle.

After that I made a quick trip down to Ventura to check on the boat, things seemed fine.  The weather was gorgeous. 

The beaches were almost empty: you can walk on them, you can walk along them, you can surf and swim, but you can't sit down and they've closed off all the beach parking...

Trying to take it easy to keep my hands and joints from giving out. Skating along that line.

Picture of the Week

Destroyer leaving Sasebo
A destroyer being pushed out by tugs at Sasebo.  There was another destroyer,
and some sort of replenishment ship leaving at about the same time as well.

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