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WEEK 25 2020 

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Saturday 20 June  2020

Saturday - Working away on various little things.

I pulled out the newer tan paint and put a second coat on the garden siding in the morning.  I was dripping sweat by the time I got done.

Later in the day I went out and reattached the siding to the garden fence, since winds to 40mph were predicted.

I also looked for the turnbuckles so that I can put the awnings back up, in preparation for hosting the Chihuahua's.  Can't find them anywhere.  I remember putting them in a small box, but why didn't I put that box into the big box with the awnings themselves?  Not in the garage or the container, that I can find. Gahhh,

I also put Suntex into the screen frames for the front room: the western exposure lets the sun blast the room via reflection at first, then directly in late afternoon. These windows don't have reflective film because it makes the space inside too dark, so it was getting very warm this week.

This job took longer than I wanted: I suck at screens, it hurts my knees and back and shoulders, and never meets my expectations for tautness and looks.  The only thing keeping me going for screens #2 and #3 was my dread of facing the chore tomorrow!

Book #30 was Strike the Blood #10: Bride of the Dark God, by Gakuto Mikumo. These are like peanuts, it's hard to stop. Easy reads, when laying on your back under the a/c outlet.

Friday 19 June  2020

Friday - Very hot, 102F in the shade.

Glen came by and we painted the garden plot walls, which are exterior siding trimmed to length.  I used some of the old tan house paint, it went on white, which it always does, but stayed white, which is weird.  It's the old old paint, so not a big surprise.  I'll go over it with some new tan paint later.

Glen is usually indifferent to heat, but even he was noticing it was horrible, and was more than happy to knock off at noon.

Thursday 18 June 2020

Thursday - Hot.

Off to the dentist.  The crown on the lower right was attached, then the dentist and specialist examined the painful tooth on the left, determined that it was salvageable (no post) and ground away a lot of it.  No root canal - everything took forever because the Novocaine wasn't taking, for some reason.  I'll need to go back in a couple of weeks for that...  Hopefully it doesn't get scheduled over the 4th of July week.

After two hours in the chair I went home utterly beat...

I lost another tree.

I had noticed a leaf turning yellow on one of the apple trees last Friday, and by Sunday it was looking very withered.  I've been watering the heck out of it, but it's pretty much dead.  At a guess a gopher got to the roots, which are new and small.  Bah.  So I've lost two out of the three now.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Wednesday - Hot again.

Glen and I reattached the fence fabric to the new end post, properly.  Then we trimmed the melange of line posts, some actual posts, some water pipe, some...I don't know what, added a line post, removed a line post, added 50' of missing top-rail and attached everything with wire.  It's a few inches shorter than 5', because we were working with what was there, but it is at least as tall as the front fence and should be Chihuahua proof!

It looks great, compared to what was there.

Completely beat afterwards.

Tuesday 16 June  2020

Tuesday - Warm again.

About four hours with Glen, digging and putting in an end-post for the chain link fence in the back yard.  The one that was there was just a piece of (broken) electrical conduit, though digging down we did find the cut off end of another pipe in a small amount of concrete.  This post is right next to the neighbors fence, and his linepost, so we tried not to damage or dislodge that.  It was interesting though: there was a lot of dry concrete mix from the neighbor's post, apparently the contractors who put it in did the "pour water on top, walk away and hope it sinks in" thing.

Very hot out, and I was pretty much out of it for the rest of the afternoon.

Book #29 was Strike The Blood #9: The Black Sword Shaman, by Gakuto Mikumo.

Monday 15 June 2020

Monday -Warm.

About 3 hours in the yard in the morning with Glen.

I called the dentist, and they will definitely install the new crown on Thursday, after seeing the specialist for the other tooth first.

Meanwhile it's Ambesol and sugarless chewing gum as a temporary palliative and cap.

Sunday 14 June 2020

Sunday - Warm again, maybe 90 in the afternoon, moderately windy

I  went shopping in the morning for groceries, with S.

After getting home I mopped the kitchen floor, it was well past time.  It needs another mopping, but I only have so much lower back endurance...

While eating yesterday I had the temporary crown on the right side fall off. Ugh. No pain there, fortunately, because the other side of the mouth is giving me a lot of that already.

Book #28 was Taken, by Benedict Jacka.  A good read, again.

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Jim looking through the suntex screen
Jim admiring the view through the SunTex 90 screen.

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