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WEEK 26 2020 

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Saturday 27 June  2020

Saturday -Hot and windy.  I took down the two extra awnings, no sense in keeping them up in these winds.

I have been trying out different kind of guys for the posts, btw.  I was concerned that I needed the bungie cords, but things actually seem OK with normal straps.  Since the rubber decayed rapidly last time I used them this is good to know.

Packing for the trip to the coast. It's taking longer than usual - I didn't go last year and stuff isn't where I thought it would be.

Friday 26 June  2020

Friday - Still hot.

Slept until noon, nearly.  Feeling a bit better afterwards.

The winds died down for a couple of days, but are now expected to get very strong, gusts to 50mph over the weekend, then the winds and temps should lessen for most of the next week. 

I will probably take down the two extra awnings I put up, probably tomorrow morning and then put them back up on Monday - they are a bit exposed, and place more loads on the attachments to the house because the wide bases of the fabric triangle are out away from the house.

The dog enclosure is pretty well set, debris removed, the fence secure, awnings ready to go, kennel in place, chicken wire and blocks placed to avoid any Great Escape.  I need to set up the overhead mister, and for that I need a new, non-leaky short hose, and I also need to replace the doggy wader pool that broke the fall of the a/c panel earlier in the year, but cracked itself. S always brings one, but I like to have a backup over in the shade of the old satellite dish.

I need to do some cleanup in the garage, and get things out of the dogs reach, but it's mostly OK.

S says she'll drop the dogs off Sunday sometime.

I've had a couple of reports from friends, of places and people at third and fourth hand, that have tested positive for Covid-19.  I'm not sure that means anything at this state of the game, it is indeed out there, everywhere; it's a bit like the Six Degree's of Kevin Bacon concept now.

Thursday 25 June 2020

Thursday - More hot weather, not as much wind.

I started working on some stuff in the yard, didn't feel good, so quit at 9am.

Didn't do much for the rest of the day. We were thinking of concreting in the posts for the awnings, but that can wait.

Book #35 was Strike the Blood #15: War of Primogenitors, by Gakuto Makumo.  That pretty much wraps up the series.

Wednesday 24 June 2020

Wednesday -The same horrible weather, not much to be said there.

Did a little more work in the yard with Glen.

Book #34 was Strike The Blood #14: Golden Days, by Gakuto Mikumo.

Tuesday 23 June  2020

Tuesday - Hot again.

I mean a measured weather conditions at the airport were 98F and steady 25mph winds.  Ridiculous.  I've never stood at the door to a blast furnace, but this is what it must feel like.

I went early into town and picked up a couple of things from Walmart for the beach: some khaki shorts, some underwear, flip flops, a few things like that.  I had read somewhere that a lot of Walmart's were locking down more goods because of theft: now the underwear at the Super Center here is locked up.

Stopped at Van Damn's on the way home, picked up a couple of turnbuckles.

About three hours with Glen, doing some more painting on garden plot siding, and on the house, and starting to put down some chicken wire and blocks to keep the Chihuahua's from tunneling out of the yard, or tunneling into the garden plot.

I had picked up a couple of turnbuckles the local hardware, and I put up all three awnings behind the garage, in the dog run area.  It works reasonably well for that space, but the winds were just howling - 30mph - by evening, and I went out and attached some more bungee's to the most exposed post.

I could concrete them in I suppose, then I wouldn't be worrying about them all the time. The awning seem to be very sturdily made, it's my 'temporary' support posts that create the issue.

Book #33 was Strike the Blood, #13, The Roses of Tartarus, by Gakuto Mikumo.

Monday 22 June 2020

Monday - Hot and windy.

AH called, and said he needed to make a propane run to WinCo.  Since I was probably running on fumes we loaded up my truck with my 100# cylinder and his two 100# cylinders and did that. It took a while at WinCo, we were just a few minutes after the 10:00am opening, but there was already a line formed for the propane.

Checking my calendar it was April 22nd that we last filled, so a solid 8 weeks.  This was peculiar, because we rarely get more than 7 weeks - I think the previous record was that. 

After a bit we recalled that they had used the RV fill for our tanks last time, because their standard side-fill nozzle was broken. Apparently this bypasses the safety on the big tanks, and we got 22 gallons instead of 17.  So we asked to have it filled that way again - the guy is an old Ford enthusiast who likes Aaron and he didn't mind :-)

BTW, when I got in the truck in the morning I found the water bill that I was supposed to drop off on Thursday.  Ooopps.  I went by the office and dropped it off, but I'm guessing I'll get a late fee next month :-(

Other than some cleaning I didn't do much for the rest of the day.

Book #32 was Strike The Blood #12: The Knight of the Sinful God, by Gakuto Mikumo.

Sunday 21 June 2020

Sunday - Very hot and very windy.

I  went shopping in the morning for groceries, with S. I didn't get a lot, but I did restock on soft drinks and popsicles for the help when they come over.

After getting home I just relaxed for the rest of the day - it's been a long week. It actually felt like a weekend, which is rare since I retired.

Book #31 was Strike the Blood #11: The Fugitive Fourth Primogenitor , by Gakuto Mikumo.

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A crimson sunset.
A deep crimson sunset, June 2020.

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