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WEEK 27 2018

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Saturday 7 July  2018
Saturday -  Week 27 - the year is half over, hard to believe.

At the beach, then on the road back to Lancaster.

It was 70F in Cayucos, but the temperature steadily rose as I traveled south and inland, being 102F in SLO, then decreasing to the high 90's all the way back along Hwy-166 and the I-5.  Once in the Antelope Valley it increased again, being 110F in Antelope Acres when I arrived mid-afternoon.

Car Thermometer
The car thermometer - the thermometer on the porch actually read higher!

It was 86F in the house, though the swamp cooler was on high (it having fixed itself at some point).  That was, in fact, the temperature of the "cooled" air coming out of the swamp cooler.  Ugghh.  But a delta of 25F is all you can reasonably expect, with humidity in the low teens.

The cats and dogs are fine.

I discovered that the internet (DSL) was out, and had been out since July 3rd.  So I put a service call in on that, and they are coming out to fix it immediately Wednesday.  Sigh.

Friday 6 July 2018
Friday -  At the beach.

Tired, after the bad Thursday night, and unable to keep down anything but crackers until dinner.  So it goes - I've been going to the beach for 20 years there, and this is the first time to be laid so low.

Book #28 was The Devil You Know, by K.J. Parker. This was an e-book from the library, and rather short (170pp).  but it was entertaining.

After it I re-read Somewhither, Book #23 of 2016, because I really needed something easy and comfortable while ill. So much is going on that I'd forgotten most, and it was like reading a new book.

I have The Towers (Lenson #13), the last unread book in the series, but just didn't feel like reading it.  It is a 9-11 book, in which he is at the Pentagon and his wife is at the World Trade Center during the attack.  It might be OK, but as I said, I prefer the nautical stuff.

I say Lenson ## when describing these books, but there is another character, Oberg the Navy Seals guy, that shows up in a lot of the recent novels - all of them since #7 I guess.  I don't particularly like the character, but I guess Poyer, like Clancy before him, was looking for a way to write adventure novels that people will buy.

Thursday 5 July 2018
Thursday - At the beach.

We went out to lunch at what used to be Hoppe's, downtown Cayucos.  The food is still good, though the original owners are gone now.

I had a dreadful night afterwards, though I hesitate to blame it on the restaurant - I'd been feeling a bit unwell all week, and didn't really get out to see things or do anything new because of that. Not even the bookstore in SLO, not the Arboreteum, or Morro Bay.

But I was up most of the night being ill. S didn't feel well either (though not as bad as me), but R and N reported no ill effects.

Book #27 was The Crisis (Lenson #12), by David Poyer.  I read enough to count it, but just skimmed big bits, because it was nearly entirely land bound and not all that interesting to me.

Wednesday 4 July 2018

Wednesday - At the beach. A Happy Fourth of July to one and all.

We went down to the beach near the rental to watch fireworks being set off from the pier.  Nice enough, a mile away (no fog this year), but somewhat dwarfed by the fireworks along the beach. 

A few years ago there was a big crackdown by the powers that be on the Armageddon-By-The-Sea that is Cayucos on the 4th.  So, for a few years there wasn't much in the way of private (illegal) fireworks.  This year there was, despite a number of threatening billboards, no official presence on the beach and it was insanity again...

Book #26 was Superluminary: The World Armada, by John C. Wright.  The 3rd and final volume in the 'Lords of Creation' series. The good guys win, this being good space-opera...

Tuesday 3 July 2018
Tuesday - At the beach.

Tried to read The Threat, another Lenson book (#9 actually), but it's a slog, being a description of life ashore during the (thinly disguised) Clinton years.  I guess there is some "Seven Days in May" plot thing going on, but I only got about 1/3 of the way through the book, before turning to something else.  Maybe I'll read the rest when I get home.

Book #25 therefore is Superluminary: The Space Vampires, by John C. Wright.  Second volume in the Lords of Creation series. This is enjoyable over-the-top space opera - excellent beach reading!

Monday 2 July  2018
Monday - At the beach.

We went to 'Taco Temple' for lunch.  It was good, though the single fish taco I had was buried under roughly an entire head of lettuce.

Book #24 was The Weapon  (Lenson #11), by David Poyer. With #7 the books took a turn away from the nautical into "special forces" kind of stuff.  In this case they USA is trying to get the plans (or an actual item) for the 'Shkval' supersonic underwater torpedo.  Various plans fail, and in the end a black ops team (with Lenson in command) try to steal one from the Iranians.

Sunday 1 July 2018
Sunday - Nice. Did a nice walk on the beach.

Book #23 was Korea Strait (Lenson #10), by David Poyer.  We are back to naval adventure again, with Lenson acting as an grader to a international (mostly Korean) ASW exercise, when things start to go south.

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Cayucos beach
Cayucos Beach.

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