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WEEK 2 2022 

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Saturday 15 January 2022

Saturday - A pleasant, though cool day.

I did some yard work, then got a call from R&S who were at a nursery.  The nursery was having a decent sale, so I went and bought about a dozen shrubs - Photinia - to make a privacy hedge in the dog enclosure.  Now I have to find my anti-mole bags, and dig a bunch of holes.

Watched the game with Roger while I was over there.  I was going to buy lunch, but S bought some bowls of tasty food from Fire Island Grill home with her, so that was cool.

Friday 14 January 2022

Friday -Overcast.

Did my quarterly taxes and a few other things.  Pretty simple, so far, but not sure what to do for the actual returns.  Turbo Tax is at the three strikes, point, not sure what to do. Maybe do it myself?

There was an AVAC meeting, but I wasn't feeling well, so I passed.  I'm not sure that they actually met, there was some Covid to-and-fro-ing talk.

Thursday 13 January 2022

Thursday - Overcast and threatening rain, though it never did.

The pellet stove rehab seems to be working well.  The temperature was warm enough that I didn't kick it on until about 3am, but let it run until almost noon since it warmed up so slowly.

Did some bill stuff and some app stuff, took a nice walk in the afternoon.  Still not up to 3 miles though.

Quarterly estimated taxes are due tomorrow.  Easy enough, same as the last three quarters. Turbo-Tax is already bugging me, but I haven't got my Obamacare info yet, and in any case TT has gotten it wrong (by a lot!) the last three years...probably time to try HR Block or do it myself.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Wednesday - Decent weather, starting to cloud up, below freezing overnight.

In the mid-morning AH called, and we went to refill propane tanks at CostCo.  This took a while, for two reasons.  First there was a surprising number of people with large tanks (full and half size, not just the 20# tanks) ahead of us.  Secondly the CostCo equipment is breaking down - it is Canadian sourced and they haven't been able to get anyone to come and service things, so fill valves are failing and their fill rate has dropped substantially.

Afterwards we went and looked at some used compaction equipment, and I agreed to buy it.  It took me a month to do 40SF last time, so it's a reasonable purchase. So we went by the bank and I got some money out, and then we hit the new sub shop next door - delicious hot pastrami!

Afterwards we dropped off the propane at home and I did a few chores, changing the water in the turtle tank, watering the tree's, bringing in 5 new bags of pellets from the container, and so on.

I didn't get a walk in, too busy doing chores!

One neat thing was that while we were at CostCo, waiting outdoors at the propane filling station, a weird aircraft flew over, climbing out of Plant 42.  It took a moment for me to realize what I was looking at, a bit like the Amerindians of yore seeing Spaniards on horseback for the first time.

It was the Super Guppy! Very cool, never seen it in the flesh before.

Tuesday 11 January  2022

Tuesday - Decent weather in the am, about 24F overnight.

My brother had sent me a link to an online retirement calculator a while back, and I was reading through it.  Basically you give it your income - SS, Pensions, IRA's, and it calculates how much you can take out per month. It even assumes you sell your house (if you have one) at a certain age.

The basis is basically an assumption about when you are going to die, and sets the payout so that you will be homeless and destitute at age 92...

I did get a walk in, about 2.5 miles.  There was a mildly interesting even while I was out. 

An old truck, sans its bed, blasted and dusting me.  A few minutes later another truck, from a local water district, came racing up, but stopped by me and asked if I'd see the previous truck and where it went? I answered that I'd seen it but not paid attention to it's travel much after that.  It turns out that it was a couple of druggies, who were squatting in an empty house, and had cut off the lock on the water meter.  The gentleman from the water company, late 20's, tattooed and pierced, was quite exercised by the evil of these types...

Monday 10 January 2022

Monday - Decent weather, some clouds. The 50s during the day, into the 20s at night.

I spent the morning and early afternoon working on the pellet stove.  It turns out that the auger motor still works, but the unit had detached from the auger, probably because the vibration from the failing house convection fan had loosened it.  So I cleaned the auger passages, replaced it and tightened the set screw in the collar again, added a small rubber bumper to cut down on the metal-to-metal vibration, and replaced the room convection fan (1994 on the original motor label, BTW), pulled the firebrick and vacuumed inside the stove, then buttoned everything up and tried it out. 

Seems to work fine, much quieter than before.  It's nice to be able to turn the fan down when listening to the radio or watching TV.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Sunday - Decent enough weather.

I went shopping with S and picked up a few things.  The WinCo was closed, just before 8am, when we arrived.  Since S wanted something from Albertson's we just left and went there for a couple of things: cheesy jalapeno bread for me and some steak for her.

Then we went to the 99 cent store, where the shelves were still rather empty, but they'd clearly marked almost everything up to $1.49 or $1.99.  Well, it's not their fault that inflation is going crazy.

I had things to do, but was still too dang tired.

The neighbors invited me over for the last of the regular football seasons, and I got to see the 49's and the Raiders win. They'll be in as wild cards I guess.

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channel islands marina sunrise
  Marina sunrise, Channel Islands, January 2022.

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