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WEEK 51 2019 

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Saturday 21 December  2019

Saturday - Winter solstice, shortest day of the year.

Enjoying the new phone - a few apps required logging in again, as one would expect.

Very clear, very fast: even Words With Friends is reasonably quick.

Friday 20 December  2019

Friday - Clear and cold.

When I woke up the iPhone was just about dead. 

It would indicate charging, but wouldn't go past 10%, and would die immediately if taken off the charger. If I was a worrier I'd have had battery anxiety for the last few months, the phone has been good for only four or five hours unplugged. But it went from "good for four hours' to 'won't work unplugged' in a day.

So, I went into town and bought a new iPhone 11 at the Verizon Store.  I got a reasonable deal, for Verizon. If the old phone worked at all I could have gotten $50 for it...  I sort of wanted the Pro, with the third camera, but wasn't willing to pay the extra $400 for premium.  The 11 has a very good 12MPx camera, with a 2x telephoto, so it's fine.

Setting up the phone and transferring stuff was a breeze: you sent the new phone next to the old phone and tell them to transfer everything - and they do, via Bluetooth. Amazing.

Thursday 19 December 2019

Thursday - Cold.

I bought a few strings of Xmas lights the other day (I couldn't find last years) and put them up today.  It looks pretty good. There is an unlit section, about 10' long, I'll have to check the bulbs and see if one is out.  I'm not sure how these new-fangled LED bulbs are wired - there seems to be a coil or resistor every 10' and the string is out in between two of those.

My left foot hurt afterwards: I know better than to climb on ladders in sneakers, but I did it anyway. Stupid.

Wednesday 18 December 2019

Wednesday - Went over to the neighbor's for a home made pizza dinner, courtesy of R&S.

Tuesday 17 December  2019

Tuesday - I've been a bit under the weather, with some sort of tooth issue.  The dentist gave me a prescription for antibiotics, so that is helping a bit. Still not much energy or enthusiasm for Christmas shopping.

Monday 16 December 2019

Monday - Cold. Glad I had the stove checked out.

Sunday 15 December 2019

Sunday - A bit of shopping in the morning.

I woke up about 3am to the sound of very high winds. The cats were spooked. Checking later the airport was reporting gusts to 50mph+.

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Morro Bay
  A Morro Bay sunset a few weeks ago, by my friend Dave.

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