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WEEK 6 2020 

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Saturday 8 February  2020

Saturday - Calm in town, windy as all get out in Antelope Acres.

I did various chores around the house in the morning, then went into town and had lunch with R&S.

Actually we went down to Mahli's in Palmdale, then hit Trader Joe's across the street so that I could pick up another bottle of single malt. It's gone from $20 a bottle to $25: I'd heard that the Trump tariff's would have that effect.  So it goes.

Afterwards I went by Harbor Freight to pick up a few things.  One was a 18" long magnetic tool holder for $5, which I will use to "rake" the yard for nails: I haven't dared drive the truck into the  back yard after two nails in tires! I also attempted to buy a 1 7/8" ball hitch, but they were sold out.  Well, there was one in that size, but it was a 3/4" shank and not 1", and someone had stolen the nut and washer off of it. I also bought a 1 1/2" wrench, since that's the nut size, and my adjustable wrenches won't open that big (and I wouldn't want to put 200 ft-lbs torque on an adjustable wrench anyways!)

Then I went home about 3pm and relaxed, it is, after all, the weekend!

Friday 7 February  2020

Friday - Warm again.  Unfortunately it was also quite windy, into the 30mph range, so most outdoor tasks had to be put on hold.

It's strange not to hear the air conditioners, heating or cooling, which is a nearly constant background out here in the AV.

Mostly just doing stuff on the computer, and doing laundry.  The wash room is right next to the office, so that's actually not the best combination of activities.

Book #6 was When the Tide Rises (RCN #6), by David Drake. Again, enjoyable space opera. At this point I think I've read all of them, all but one checked out from the library.

The RCN Series is, in internal order:

  1. With the Lightnings
  2. Lt. Leary Commanding
  3. The Far Side of the Stars
  4. The Way to Glory
  5. Some Golden Harbor
  6. When the Tide Rises
  7. In the Stormy Red Sky
  8. What Distant Deeps
  9. The Road of Danger
  10. The Sea Without a Shore
  11. Death's Bright Day
  12. Though Hell Should Bar the Way
  13. To Clear Away the Shadows
Thursday 6 February 2020

Thursday - Warm, 75F!

I went into town, dropped off some library books, picked up a few others, and gassed up the Ram.

I averaged 23.4 mpg on the way down from Carson City, a one way distance of about 365 miles.

I also went by Home Depot and picked up 13 bags of pellets, and an adjustable ball mount for the Ram -  the receiver sits a lot higher than the Explorer and I haven't been able to use the little utility trailer because of that.

Wednesday 5 February 2020

Wednesday - Warming up, into the 60's.  Crazy.

I kept pretty busy around the house, doing cleaning and basic chores, stuff like that.

Dinner next door at the neighbors. 

Tuesday 4 February  2020

Tuesday - Very cold, about 13F in the morning.  My new-ish Hummingbird feeder broke when the water inside froze and expanded.

Other than unpack and do some bills and paperwork I didn't do much, pretty tired.

Monday 3 February 2020

Monday - Nice weather. Cool, but nice. Yesterday's storm left a little bit of snow in the shade, but not much.

I hit the road, heading south. It was, once again, a lot busier than mid-January, but not too bad.  Only a couple of really crazy drivers, one Nevadan and one Californian.

I stopped for dinner in Bishop.  I wanted to go to Schat's Bakery, but it was rush hour, the street lights were messed up and despite a couple of attempts I couldn't get into their parking lot.  Now that I know what a mess the parking is there I'll try parking at the city park across the street and walking over.

Instead of a dinner at Schat's it was a sack lunch from Jack In the Box at the end of town.  A bit run down, but not too sketchy.

I think I arrived home a bit after 7pm.  I had a few minutes left on the audio book, so I finished it in the evening.

Book #5, therefore, was The Mongrel Mage (Recluce Saga #19), by L.E. Modesitt.

Sunday 2 February 2020

Sunday - Superbowl Sunday!

An interesting day, with a big snow front rolling into the Carson valley.

I did a bit of searching and only three tire stores were open on a Sunday: Costco (I'm not a member), Walmart (with a one star rating), and Tires Plus. So Tires Plus it was. I called them, made sure they could get me in, then Bob and I drove over in our vehicles and I dropped off the Ram while we went off to an early lunch. They were pretty busy.

When they asked for my phone number their system flagged me as having had a flat tire Ventura in 2007.  The internet and databases are forever it seems. As I recall someone else pointed out the nail in a tire then too, though it was a homeless guy living in the riverbed, not a good friend.

Anyway, we had a nice lunch (on me) and when we came back the tire was fixed, and thankfully they hadn't found any more screws or nails in any of the other tires, so I paid them $20 and we headed back to Bob's place for the big game.

It was a good game.  The Niners' weren't favored, despite the old adage of 'a good defense beats a good offense' and while they pulled ahead for a while the Chief's finally beat them.  To be honest I think Mahomes and the offensive line just wore down the defense.  There were a couple of iffy calls by the refs, and some poor clock management by the Niners' towards the end of the game, and the Niners' coach was obviously rattled and started calling plays differently than the early winning periods, but that's how it goes.

And Mahomes is a once in a generation phenomena.

It was fun watching the game with Bob and his friend Dave, and beer and chips were consumed in moderation.None of us is under 60 after all.

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Strom front advancing into north Carson City 2Feb2020
  Snow front advancing into north Carson City, Superbowl Sunday, 2020.

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