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WEEK 5 2020 

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Saturday 1 February  2020

Saturday - On the road, up to Carson City.

A decent drive, but rather busy compared to the traffic earlier in the month.

It went well though, no particular issues.  I discovered that the reading app allows you to speed up the narration, so I tried listening at 1.25X.  That seemed to work well enough. I'm tempted to try 1.5X, but since I'm using the audiobook just to pass the time on a long drive there really isn't any need.

I did stop in Gardnerville for an hour or so to see CG around 4pm.  I haven't been up to see him since the eclipse trip in the fall of 2017. His old cat Max had passed away shortly after, but he now has a new and very cute Calico, Sybil, about a year old.  She avoided coming up to me but watched carefully from down the hall as C and I talked.

While showing C the new Ram he pointed out a nail - probably a roofing nail, in the other rear wheel. Sigh.  It's holding air, so I was OK to drive up to Bob's place, but I'll have to get it fixed tomorrow, which is, of course, Superbowl Sunday.

Rolled into Bob's driveway about 6:30 or 7:00pm.  Definitely pleased to accept that beer he handed me!

The Ram averaged 21.6mpg on the way up.

Friday 31 January  2020

Friday - Mostly just doing chores, getting ready to head up to Carson City. 

I had planned on leaving today, but there are just too many things to do before I can leave.

Mike doesn't want to go.  Oh well, it is a long drive, though he admitted he has no other plans.

The nCov virus thing in China is getting worse and worse.

There is even an anime character representing the virus, Corona-chan....

Thursday 30 January 2020

Thursday - Another nice day.

Dave came up from Ventura and I gave him a quick tour of the new place.  He's remodeling his place and had nothing but sympathy for the current somewhat dilapidated state of the house. We discussed the upcoming Alaska trip, money and pandemic permitting, and other stuff.

We also discussed a project he's working on, and how to automate some of the data reduction steps, kind of like I did with VbScript all those years ago.

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Wednesday - Another nice day. 

I went down and visited with Dr. G in Santa Clarita, and had lunch at the local Coco's.

We discussed STARS and some other projects, and people we've known and where they are now.

Tuesday 28 January  2020

Tuesday -Keeping busy, doing this and that.

The weather widgets at the top of the page no longer work, so I'm taking them out for now.  I put them in a good ten years ago I suppose, I think they were some java script stuff. I'll see if I can find something else.  Weather Underground has really declined in quality, for example: being unable to find the local, controlled, airport for weather.

Monday 27 January 2020

Monday - I had ordered a couple of books on Lua programming, and they are starting to come in.

Sunday 26 January 2020

Sunday - A pleasant day here in the valley.

I did not do the usual shopping with S, as the Ram was unavailable and the Explorer is on its last legs. She said she'd pick me up some cat food, and I'll swing by her place tomorrow when I bring the Ram tire in for fixing. I want to see the new counters at her place as well.

I am thinking of going up to visit Bob in Carson City again, for the Superbowl.  I'll try to see if I can convince Mike to come along, I think it'd make the drive more fun.

I took the opportunity to dry stack the cinder-block wall at the front of the property, to the south of the driveway.  Even dry stacking it on sand makes things look a lot better...

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Farmers field
  Farmer's field with mountain snow in the Antelope Valley, 2020.

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