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WEEK 13 2019 

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Saturday 30  March  2019
Saturday - Another beautiful day.

The neighbor's eldest son came by and we weed-whacked the grass and stickers in the front and back yards.  It took nearly five hours and filled two green waste bins.  I've been concerned that the lack of vegetation meant that the soil had been poisoned with something strong - now I think, after having had to remove waist high weeds, that it was just the lack of water during the recent droughts!

R&S were out and about on their Saturday yard sales.  They found me an adjustable easel desk, which I might be able to adapt to a standing desk, and a gravity table for the neighbor.  And very cheap prices for each!

They also had a white gas heater, which I declined, since it's an invitation to fire and burns...

Friday 29 March 2019
Friday - A beautiful day, and fairly quiet, not much dog barking.

Mostly I just worked on the app.  It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to be outside doing stuff, but I need to be careful of the leg still.  I'll start a longer walk next week, probably just around the block, which is about 3/4th mile.

Book #11 was My Kind of Freedom, by Steven Brust.  This was actually a free, downloadable book, set in the Firefly universe.

Thursday 28 March 2019
Thursday - A pleasant day, temperatures in the high 60's.

I drove down to Palmdale - even further south actually, and picked up a used 6'x4' whiteboard.  I've been missing mine. Oddly the attach points are 68" apart, rather than 64", so I can't put the hangars directly into wall studs, and I don't have any molly's handy.  Tomorrow or this weekend will be fine for putting it up.

The leg was OK during the trip, but ached quite a bit on the return, and into the night.

I worked a bit more on NOPE stuff into the early evening, with an emphasis on Swift.  It's coming along. I haven't looked at Swift 5 yet, but I don't think it can be too different from Swift 4. I'll have to see if Xcode and such-like needs updating.

Book #10 was Fisherman's Bend (Jane Bunker #2), by Linda Greenlaw.  This is the second in the Jane Bunker series, set in a small town in Maine.  I was a bit disappointed in the first, but the second somehow appeared in my Libby app, I guess I must have put a hold on it.  And it was much better.  Still a little stiff and stilted in places, including dialog, but much better.  I may just put a hold on the next book.

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Wednesday -

Tuesday 26 March  2019
Tuesday - Another decent day.

Again, some STARS issues and taxes  took up most of the productive parts of the day.

Apple has released Swift 5, officially.  Apparently they changed the string handling stuff, again...

Neighbors dog barked for quite a bit in the morning, then in a more muffled way in the late morning. I wonder if they are putting it in the kennel all day?

Monday 25 March 2019
Monday - Another decent day, some clouds.

AH mentioned that the poppies are springing up in the west valley.  I'm not sure if this is going to be one of the stupendous years, but there are some, at least.  There are huge blooms down towards Lake Elsinore, apparently.  He saw them whilst traveling to/from Temecula.

Dr. Gupta called with a STARS question, and I did some research on that. One of the executables isn't working, but the error message is pretty generic, "ntdll.dll" is a basic os module, used by just about all programs, having a memory fault there isn't particularly diagnostic.

Also did more work on the taxes.  For some bizarre reason I can't find my 2018 check register - I'm sure I put it somewhere "safe".  Not a huge deal, I have online access, but it slows things down a bit.

Neighbors dog was barking again.

The Viking Sky made it safely to port in Norway, with the help of a tug.  I've commented for years that cruise ship tourism in the arctic and antarctic is usually stupid - in this case about 1400 people came within fifteen or twenty minutes of re-enacting a Titanic scale disaster.

Sunday 24 March 2019
Sunday - Beautiful weather.

I drove into town and did some grocery shopping with S.  The leg was bothersome, but not as agonizing as it had be a few days ago.

I swapped her the laptop cooler for the desk lamp.  It was a small, mid-century, two lamp unit.  It works well - there is a bit of buzzing when it's first turned on but it quickly subsides.

I cleaned up in the garage a bit, moving stuff that is not of immediate use out to the storage container.  I had to reorganize that as well.  Pretty tired by the time all that was done, but I think some exercise is good for the leg - I seem to get leg cramps if I don't work it a bit.

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Sunrise, just a couple of days after the (cloudy) solstice.

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