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WEEK 14 2019 

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Saturday 6 April  2019
Saturday - Another nice, but windy, day.

I put up the white board in the east bedroom.  And I put up a towel ring in the master bath.  That was about the extent of house stuff, apart from some standard chores. I have a GFCI outlet to install still, but it can wait.

Book #13 was Goblin Moon, by Teresa Edgerton.  This was a free Kindle book.  It had decent reviews, and I've no serious issues with it, but it was  sort of a Regency-style romance set in a fantasy world, not really my cup of tea.

Friday 5 April 2019
Friday - Another nice, but windy, day.

Worked on taxes, and a HSA account for this year.  Paid a bunch of bills - property taxes are due, for example, and other stuff.

Did some reading.  Still pretty wiped out.

I was invited to a memorial service in West Covina tomorrow, but had to decline, there's just no way I could get there and be in anything less than serious pain all day. And I didn't want my friends to have one more burden to deal with.

Thursday 4 April 2019
Thursday - A beautiful day.

I didn't do much, yesterday really knocked me out.

A couple of people called me on Wednesday evening, but I was so tired that I forgot to un-mute my iPhone, via the little switch on the side.

Worked on taxes for a bit.

Texted back and forth with my brother in Palmdale for a bit, but then his phone died, and he'd left the charger at work he said.

Wednesday 3 April 2019
Wednesday - Another nice day. By evening it was getting breezy thought, 25mph, gusting to 35mph.

I did various chores in the morning, then drove into town for a few errands.  I had a bit of business at the bank, a check to mail, then had lunch with friends, then off to the dentist, then a quick trip to Target and then the Lowe's next door.

When I arrived home I was beat and in serious pain, and essentially laid out on the couch until bedtime. I guess three or four hours of sitting is still too much.

I had a doggie bag from the Thai Cafe next to Target for dinner, but didn't even have the energy to go and retrieve it from the cooler in the car.  And honestly, the cafe wasn't as good as I remembered.  I hadn't been in for maybe six months, and the dishes were, while edible, not particularly appetizing.  Too much chicken in the appetizer soup, the non-spicy curry was pretty hot, and the meal itself tasted to me like ingredients from cans.  Bah. I didn't recognize anyone on the staff either, I wonder if someone bought then out?

Tuesday 2 April  2019
Tuesday - Nice, but windy.

Had a decent nights sleep, only got up once at 3am because the leg hurt: took a couple of ibuprofen and went back to bed.

Continued working on the taxes.  The federal is about worked out, and looks OK, a little bit back, no huge fines like last time.

The IRS desperately needs an outside "red team" to make their instructions coherent.

Did some laundry and dishes in between things.

Book #12 was The Peshawar Lancers, by S. M.  Stirling.  Not bad, an alternate universe in which a comet destroys Europe in 1880, and the British relocate to India, Queen and all. The story takes place about our current year, but there are airships and mounted cavalry, and just the early beginnings of wireless - "The Fall", as they call it, and the loss of Britain, France and Germany really slowed down the pace of industrial and scientific development...

Walked around the block.

Monday 1 April 2019
Monday - Nice weather.  Some wind in the afternoon.  It's supposed to be a windy week.

Started on the taxes.  What a mess.  They've changed stuff around, rather pointlessly, and the instructions are actually worse than before.  I mean, we're taking addition and subtraction here...

The sun is rising north of due east, Orion is in the western sky in the evening.

A younger sister's birthday, I hope she had a good one.

Walked around the block, 3/4 mile.

Sunday 31 March 2019
Sunday - Beautiful weather again.

I drove into town and did some grocery shopping with S.  The leg was bothersome, but even better than last week.  Mostly it presents as cramps in the lower leg, when seated or overnight while sleeping.

I didn't do a lot around the house.  I did measure the east bedroom for the white board, the studs aren't aligned properly if I center the white board on the wall.  I will get some snap toggles or something to put them up.

I cleaned up in the house a bit, moving all the pellet stove paraphernalia out to the garage.  I need to find a large box to put it all in, then store it away for next fall.

Picture of the Week

Sunrise, just a couple of days after the (cloudy) solstice.

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