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WEEK 13 2020 

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Saturday 28 March  2020

Saturday - Still rather cool and windy.

I didn't do much, tired from yesterdays light installation.

Friday 27 March  2020

Friday - Decent weather, a little windy.

I replaced the two exterior lights in the back of the house by the doors with motion sensor security floods.  One is a new LED model, one is an older model that I put LED bulbs into (since that was all that was available at Lowe's the other day).  I'd have preferred matching units, but the older unit has adjustable sensitivity and can to turned to "always on" but quickly flipping the switch. I put it by the french doors so that I can illuminate the back yard and RV shed at will.

In any case it took a lot longer to install than it should have - six hours - one had no box at all, a no no, and the other box was recessed and of a weird size, so I had to cut a round piece of wood as an adapter plate.  And, since I only had metal boxes, I used metal boxes.  I'd have preferred some kind of plastic box for exterior use. Maybe I'll replace them at some future time.

So I have two more floods.  I can put one at each end of the house, which have nothing, or even put one in the RV shed.  I would have to wire them into the house, and I have no romex, so that's out for now.   I also have a solar powered motion sensor, if I want to use it, for a third flood. I saved the old dead fixtures, which might be repairable, perhaps for a permanent security light out in the RV shed.

Thursday 26 March 2020

Thursday - Cool and windy.  Snow on the hills in the morning.  Cold enough that I lit the pellet stove about 3am.

Better than yesterday in the morning, dryer, but getting ugly later in the day.

No walk, but that was because the hip was bothering me.  I suspect it's all the sitting around I've been doing, because of the bad weather. 

Tomorrow should be nicer, I'll try to get a small walk in. This time last year I tried to "walk it off" and really injured myself, so it's best to be safe.

The west office desk is at sitting level, but it'd be easy to raise it to a standing desk height again. 

I need to find out if my old Startech USB to DVI adapter will work with the new Mac Mini.

Book #12 was The Mage-Fire War (Recluce #21), by L.E. Modesitt.  This is the continuing adventures of Beltar, the gray mage. No surprises here, but it passes the time.  I'm getting more used to listening to a library audio-book at home, up to now it's always been reading at home, audio on the road.  Audio is very slow compared to reading...

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Wednesday - Cool and windy. Too unpleasant for a walk.

I didn't get much done, some cleanup around the house and what not.

I realized that I'd forgotten a few items while shopping yesterday - freezer bags for blanched veggies, baking soda, and so on.  S said she was shopping again tomorrow so I texted her a small list.  But really she shouldn't be shopping either!

I want to work in the yard, but the wind was howling, 20mph steady, gusting higher.  Sigh. Weeds are everywhere.

It was also cold, only hitting about 50F, and this and the wind meant I had to run the pellet stove most of the day.

Tuesday 24 March  2020

Tuesday - Cool and windy.

S and I went shopping at Winco.  We didn't get there until about 6:40am, my fault, but there was no crowd or crush.  It turns out that their early bird hours actually start at 5am! The shelves were reasonably well stocked.  I spent over $100, but I'm shopping for two weeks, rather than one, so that's about right.

Afterwards I went next door to Lowe's and we picked up some sewer juice for me, and a few odds-n-ends, floods for the security lights, some chain link hardware stuff.  Lowe's was pretty empty.

Home again, and exhausted.  Just laid around for the rest of the day, mostly.

Monday 23 March 2020

Monday - Cold and damp out.  The storm dropped 0.62" of rain overnight, but it was warmish, very little snow on the surrounding mountains.

I talked with Dave for a bit.  It looks like our June trip to Alaska is off...

Sunday 22 March 2020

Sunday - Reasonably dry.Some sprinkles in late afternoon, turning into rain in the late evening.

I didn't do any shopping - WinCo will have "geezer hours" starting at 6am on Tuesday and Thursdays, so S and I will try that.

Not much going on, otherwise. Because of the weather, windy and cold, I only got two walks in last week :-(

I moved the new Mac and the Windows machine to the west office, and set it up.  I haven't used it since the termite treatment last year in, uh, August?

The corona-virus pandemic continues to spread.  Italy and Spain are getting whacked, and we are starting to see reports of cases locally.  On the plus side there is hope from a couple of medical approaches, and though it's clear the WHO and CDC are almost useless it also seems like Trump is leaning on them and making the CDC, at least, get out of the way.

Shutting down the country seems like overkill, but I don't know what he knows, or what people are telling him. The Russians and Sauds are having an oil price war in the middle of all of this - thanks guys - and the stock market is tanking. Bah.

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Sunrise on USS New Orleans,  Sasebo, JP.
  A sunrise in Sasebo, Japan. USS New Orleans center.

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