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WEEK 20 2013

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Saturday 18 May 2013
Saturday -  OTR. Down in San Diego. Working about the house - fixing a broken sprinkler head, fixing a broken 12V light (successful, but the circuit is dead), replacing light bulbs recessed in the high ceilings, fluorescent bulbs in bathrooms, shopping, etc.

Book #21 was Orphans of Chaos, by John C. Wright. This was light escapist reading, good for reading at poolside...

So, I'm back on track for a minimal reading schedule again. So far this year we have:

#1 Domes of Fire (Tamuli Book #1)
#2 The Shining Ones (Tamuli Book #2)
#3 The Hidden City (Tamuli, Book #3)
#4 The Magistrates of Hell
#5 The Snitch, Houdini and Me
#6 Into Uncharted Seas
#7 Hide Me Among the Graves
#8 The Legion of Time

#11 Midst Toil and Tribulation
#12 The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors
#13 Prey
#14 Darkship Thieves
#15 Darkship Renegades
#16 Sabriel
#17 Lirael
#18 Abhorsen
#19 Count to a Trillion
#20 The Hermetic Millennia
#21 Orphans of Chaos

Friday 17 May 2013
Friday - OTR. Down to San Diego. We had planned on leaving at noon, but so that my friend could go with her mom to the hospital for a checkup we left at 9:00am (with about a half hours notice). Traffic was decent, and we met up at the hospital, and the ladies went in for the consultation while I waited outside. After an hour or two we were done there and headed back to Scripps Ranch. In the evening we relaxed, watched some TV, and did a bit of household cleaning, dishes and such.

Thursday 16 May 2013

Thursday - Working on the app mostly. I got a weird call from US Bank: apparently their computer filed our company as being owned by non-resident Aliens, and I have to go and sign some paperwork alleging we aren't....

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Wednesday  - Back in town, pretty tired though.

Tuesday  14 May 2013
Tuesday - OTR. Some issues came up with a job we worked last year, that we did the writing of Specifications for, so we needed to do a bit of field investigation and help the county respond to their building contractors issues. Essentially our advice was along the lines of: they need to just go do the job they contracted to do. Still, a days pay for me, out of the blue. Yay!

Book #20 was The Hermetic Millennia, by John C. Wright. This is the sequel to last weeks #19, Count to a Trillion.  Left behind on Earth by his beloved Space Princess while she flies to to the Star Cluster M33 (and back) to Save Mankind, our Hero puts himself into Cold Sleep to wait for her (so that they can resume their Interrupted Honeymoon). But he keeps getting Woken Up! The story spans about 10,000 years, and it's still 50,000 until the little lady returns, so I'm expecting some more sequels.

Monday  13 May 2012
Monday - OTR. Worked around the house a bit in the morning, then headed south. I was going to meet up with our Inspector, but the timing was off.

In the evening there was a nice party for a friend celebrating his birthday. It was, in theory, a surprise, but he pretty much guessed that things were up...

Last week, while we were doing a field inspection Tim & I noticed a jet, all in white, fly over. I thought it might be some sort of military radar jet, but upon enlarging the image it appears to be an Air France passenger plane, perhaps an A380.


Sunday 12 May 2012
Sunday - It's really warming up, in the high 90's. I wouldn't be surprised if we get more Red Flag warnings down in Thousand Oaks, but sufficient unto the day....

We went out for a Mother's Day lunch at George's. It just recently opened, and as a result was not crowded at all, despite it being Mother's Day. It was a Greek place, so I had a chicken kabob, and we had a nice platter of various Greek things as well. Very tasty.

Down to Ventura tomorrow.

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Mom at Sutter's Fort 
Photo Notes: Mom at Sutter's Fort, Ca.

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