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WEEK 19 2020 

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Saturday 9 May  2020

Saturday - Hot again.

A friends rescue cat had kittens:


Friday 8 May  2020

Friday - A bit cooler, but it is supposed to get hot again.

I took the sun screen intended for the garage window and attached it, temporarily, to a window in the west bedroom yesterday.  What a difference! Despite the sun film you can feel the heat on your hand in the afternoon generally, but not through the sun screen over that!  I really need to get those windows done, it should make the room quite livable.  As it is, despite fans, the room reaches 85F in the afternoons.

Thursday 7 May 2020

Thursday - Hot and windy.

It looks like the hotpot with the iPhone really wants the bluetooth on, despite using WiFi.  I'm not sure why, but it works when that is switched on, and if the WiFi eventually disconnects turning the WiFi off/on makes the phone rediscover the hotspot.  Weird, but it works reasonably well now.

I did the #DATA thing, and it tells me I haven't used any data...I think they gave me another 15GB because of all the Covid stuff, so maybe that's being used first?

A couple of the Mac's and such want to update, but that would almost certainly burn through even 25GB of data.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Wednesday - Hot and windy.

Fiddling with the iPhone as a Verizon hotspot.  It sort of works, but wants to disconnect all the time.

A 'super' full moon tonight.  Very bright!

Because of the high winds I've been making wind screens for the little garden area: the sprouts are being blown flat. Winds are 30mph and higher.

Tuesday 5 May  2020

Tuesday - Internet still dead. Frontier isn't coming until next week, the 12th.  Ten days without phone or internet...can I survive.

Monday 4 May 2020

Monday - Hot again.  Fiddled with the swamp cooler a bit more.

Book #19 was Space Viking, by H. Beam Piper. In the distant future civilization has mostly fallen, but some worlds on the periphery still have star flight and raid the old worlds for loot, hence the Viking moniker. Despite it's age - it was written in the late 1950's I think - it still stands as an interesting read. Space Opera, with some interesting ideas on the rise and fall of civilizations.

Sunday 3 May 2020

Sunday - Reasonably warm.

I went shopping in the morning for groceries, with a side trip to Lowe's next door.

I am trying to build a little critter-proof enclosure for the vegetables.  I already have straw bales, and S has some seedlings for me, tomatoes and peppers.

In the afternoon I worked on the roof, on the swamp cooler.  It turns out that I had the wrong size pads.  Actually they (the pads) say, in huge letters, 32x26, which is the correct size, and then in little tiny letters under that: (Actual size: 30x24).  What the hell? Lots of cursing and swearing after that.

And then the wind came up, because, why not?  And blew one of the plastic panels right out of the housing, off the roof, and broke off a corner.  More swearing.

After that I was beat and called it a day.  A very long day.

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USS New Orleans heading out.
USS New Orleans heading out, tugs lower left heading in.

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