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WEEK 19 2021 

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Saturday 8 May 2021

Saturday - Warm.

Still feeling pretty blah. I need a vacation...

Book #30 was Dark of the Moon (Kencyrath #2), by P.C. Hodgell.  Again, a re-read of something from decades ago.  Enjoyable enough. At the time of first publication (1985) the concept of spunky heroine, winning against all odds, was still somewhat fresh. 

Friday 7 May 2021

Friday - Hot.

The fan motor on the swamp cooler is cutting out occasionally.  It was with the unit when I moved in, it might be original.  I'll have to pick up a new one this weekend when I am shopping.

Texting back and forth with Mike, he mentioned that his eyes are still a bit blurry, a week after his second Moderna shot. He actually took the day off.  Ugh.  I looked it up and, in Europe anyway, they are tracking a lot of eye problems. 

I get the impression that the CDC is doing it's best Sergeant Schultz imitation with respect to any issues: "I see nothing, nothing, nothing!"

It doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Thursday - Hot in the afternoon.

Meh, another day.

Still not much energy.  I did a few chores though.

Interesting photo on APOD of Alan Shepherd's "Freedom Seven" lift off, 62 years ago.  So tiny.  Just suborbital, but still such a small rocket and capsule.

Bob got the telescope eyepieces, shipped just fine by S.  I forgot to give her money for postage, need to pay her for that...

He sent a couple pics of the Carson river, which is rising due to snow melt.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Wednesday - Hot.  Turned on the a/c at 10am.

This is the 19th anniversary of me breaking , and permanently impairing, that finger on my right hand.  Ouch.

Wrote out a new check to Tim, since I can't find my checkbook.

Tuesday 4 May  2021

Tuesday - Warm, but calm and pleasant in the morning.

I did do some more cleaning in the garage and the fenced portion of the back yard, picking up various bits of pipe, wire, ladders, cables, buckets, old bones, etc.

Since no great winds are predicted I put the triangular sun sail back up for that area.  It's pleasant to sit under at lunch time. I also cut to length the perforated (light weight) drain pipe that I bought a week or two ago, to use as a roll up device for the awning in high wind episodes. It's a bother having to take everything down.

I wanted to paint the new post for the sun shade, but I apparently don't have any exterior primer left.  Bah.

There were also some bills to pay, and such.  I can't find my check book, again.

Book #29 was Fairhaven Rising (Recluce #22), by L.E. Modesitt.

Monday 3 May 2021

Monday - A pleasant morning, and day.  It got up to around 90F, but the humidity was low, so the swamp cooler worked fine..

I felt a bit tired, but did some household chores, and a few things outdoors.

A some point the winds blew down a 32' section of fence.  You would think that one would hear 32' of concrete and steel pipe collapse, but I didn't, that's how windy and noisy it was.  The airport reports gusts to 58mph, but it might have been more than that.

Oddly there are gusts during windy times, as one would expect, but also gusts during relatively quiet times. I put these down to dust devils in the day, but late at night? It might be some sort of soliton thing, like a freak wave.

I pulled a muscle in my left heel - not, I think, the Achilles's tendon, but I need to be careful.  Stayed off my feet as much as I could.

Book #28 was God Stalk (Kencyrath #1), by P.C. Hodgell.  This is a re-read, but since it came out a couple of decades ago (OK, 1983) I think it counts.  I remember liking it, and vaguely the plot, and it was well done and densely plotted.

There are a lot of sequels, five or six, Hodgell is still alive and writing...though she has a way to go if she wants to catch up with Modesitt....

Sunday 2 May 2021

Sunday - Shopping in the morning with S. 

Despite it being just after the 1st of the month the crowds were not there.  Weird.  I picked up a bit more cat food, but the pet food shelves were almost empty. 

I was pretty darn tired by the time I got home, so not much was done.

I dropped off a collection of telescope eyepieces with S, to mail to B, since she does that often and knows the most inexpensive way, and is in town and I'm not. It's a motley collection of Celestron and a couple off brand eyepieces, a reasonable but not amazing Barlow, and a birthday gift: a nice new 7-24mm zoom lens.  This should allow him to use the 90mm scope to good effect, and to see if he wants to get better eyepieces.

For him, with lunar and planetary interests, maybe a higher end 'planetary eyepiece' or a bigger scope might be wanted.  But it's probably good enough for now.  It has to be better than the horrible eyepieces that the scope comes with.

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Sleepy Suzy
Suzy napping in the sun, April 2021.

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