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WEEK 27 2019 

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Saturday 6 July  2019
Saturday - Hot.

I've gotten a boatload of texts and emails from Honda dealers through my Truecar inquiry, but no one is really offering a good deal on the trim line I want, the AWD RTL or better.  They want in the mid to high thirties, which is ridiculous for a small truck.  It's a good vehicle, but Honda only sells on the order of 3000 a year, kind of a boutique item. You can get an F-150 with more capability for about the same money.

That said, the Ford salesman never gave me a quote on an F-150, despite my texting him and reminding him that it was due, on Monday. Maybe I don't look rich enough?

Friday 5 July 2019
Friday - Hot.

There was an earthquake - a short roller.  I actually thought maybe I was dizzy at first, as I just was walking in from doing chores outside.  This fish tank sloshed a bit, that was the extent of the excitement here.  I didn't feel the aftershocks that they claimed occurred.  I think it was compute to be a magnitude 6.9 up near Trona and Ridgecrest.

Dave said that in Oxnard it sloshed water out of his pool.

Thursday 4 July 2019
Thursday - Happy Fourth of July!!

Woke up to the cat vomiting, discovered that one of the dogs had pooped in the kennel, again. Ughhh.

We watched the fireworks from a vantage on 30th street west, about a half mile from the fairgrounds.  It was quite a show, although it started late and they kind of hustled through them.  I don't think I've seen a fireworks display in Lancaster in a decade...

Wednesday 3 July 2019
Wednesday - Warm.

Still not up to doing any big yard tasks.  The house portion that was painted looks pretty good, but it was a lot of effort.

Got some tennis balls from the neighbor to play with Krypton with.  He's good for about twenty rounds, then carries it into the kennel with him to keep me from throwing it again.

So far none of the dogs have devoured the new one.

Tuesday 2 July  2019
Tuesday - Warm.

I put up another triangular sun sail, over the french doors into the kitchen.  I picked up a heavier foundation pier block, and uses a piece of old 4x6 that I had laying around, and it's quite a bit heavier than the sail attached to the garage and the sail seems to flap and vibrate less.  Eventually I'll either make a permanent patio, or pergola, and have posts permanently positioned, but this helps for now.

One annoying issue is that the swamp cooler won't run on "High" any more.  I don't know if it's the switch or the fan motor, but I think I have an new-in-box thermostatic switch that I bought, and never installed, for the swamp cooler in the other house, I'll try that (if I can find it).

Monday 1 July 2019
Monday - Warm.

One of the dogs shredded the tennis ball that I use to play "fetch" with Krypton.  He's the only one interested in that activity, but now I have to find another ball.  I think the neighbor kid plays tennis, he may have a couple of old ones I can scrounge.

Sunday 30  June 2019
Sunday - Warm again.

S sent me a picture from the beach house, with the usual marine layer.  Ahhhhhhh.

I didn't do much around the house, my hands are still pretty sore.  Generally it takes about two weeks for the pain and stiffness to subside after a big effort.  We'll see.

I've been wanting to start the generator again, but not on a Sunday.

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a lizard basking
A lizard sunning itself on an old log.

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