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WEEK 37 2019 

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Saturday 14 September  2019

Saturday - Around 100F again. Bah.

In the morning I did a bit more work in the garage and house, then went to see the Antelope Acres parade.  They do it every year around 9/11, and it makes the Cayucos parade seem huge, glitzy and overly professional.  I enjoyed it.

I took a quick trip down to Santa Clarita to talk to my old boss, Dr. Gupta.  He's been under the weather, too, but is feeling much better.

The RAM drove like a dream. But the traffic was horrible, and some of the drivers absolutely crazed.  I saw someone pass on the right shoulder, in traffic where the slow lane was doing 70mph...

Friday 13 September  2019

Friday - Warm, in the 90's.

I did some cleaning up in the garage, pushed the work benches back against the wall, toted some stuff out to the storage container, and cleaned up and brought some stuff into the house.

I plugged in the Win10 laptop, and it did stuff, mysterious stuff, that maxed out the memory and CPU late into the night.

Thursday 12 September 2019

Thursday -Warm, but nice.

I went into town and picked up some more cinderblocks, and some bungees for the awnings.  I'm not sure I'll bother putting the awnings back up, we are real close to the end of the hot weather, through there is always a day or two of hot weather in mid-to-late September.

The blocks are to keep people (delivery men) from driving right into what would be a normal house's front lawn, to the door.  I guess the old owner didn't care, but it kicks up a lot of dirt and dust and I intent to do some sort of landscaping later, so the culprits need to get out of the habit.

I thought this would be quick and easy, but talking to a neighbor, two guys at $200 a day each put up 150' of nice block about 4' high wall in a day.  They'd already poured the foundation before that, but still, that's fast work.  My hands aren't up to much any more, it might be worth it to pay someone.

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Wednesday -Warm, but not horrible.

G.H. was over doing chores for S, so I went by around noon and we all went for lunch at Dickies.  Ah, barbecue!!

Tuesday 10 September  2019

Tuesday -Nice.

I used some sawhorses and set up another desk in in the east office.  I'll put the STARS and Linux computer stuff on it.  The west office is still far too hot to use.  Next year I should have some decent a/c in I hope.

Monday 9 September 2019

Monday - Warm. Overnight lows were probably in the 60's, finally, and it may not have hit 90F today, very nice.

There was a big wind storm late Sunday night and afternoon - a nearby PWS showed wind speeds of 37.4mph, my estimate was 40mph. Generally you start getting a "whistle" under the eaves at about 40mph.

The two new awnings were down because the tensioning bungees had snapped. Other than that there was no damage to them, so I rolled the cloth up and put them in the container until I can get more. Oddly these were the two new bungees, with just a few months of use on them, the older set on the third awning date to last year and are still fine.  All made in China of course, but different lots and different durability I guess.

I also used the submersible pump to empty the turtle tank water, and refilled it.  It takes about the same amount of time as using a siphon to exchange 5 gallons, but you have to lock the cats away and you can't leave it unattended (which may be a good thing, really, if I ever get a new floor).

I went to the neighbor's for dinner and we watched Monday night football, and then (for me) the first half of Denver and the Raiders.

Sunday 8 September 2019

Sunday - Warm. Not as bad as it's been though. Perhaps the heat has finally broken, though we are almost guaranteed at least one more warm spell before October.

I went shopping with S, picked up some groceries.

Yesterday's intestinal distress was still with me, it was kind of an unpleasant afternoon, and I just had a can of soup for dinner.

Book #34 was The Hive (Formic War #2), by Orson Scott Card. This is the most recent entry in the Ender's Game series, and is actually a (well done) prequel.

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Coyote crossing 85th Street
A coyote crossing the road ahead.

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