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WEEK 40 2019 

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Saturday 5 October  2019

Saturday - Nice weather.  They are predicting a little hot spell next week however.

Dave sent me some nice shots from Horseshoe Meadows, up near Mt. Whitney.  It looks gorgeous up there.

A big thumbs up for the SSD. There was an update from Microsoft for the HP laptop, and it went swimmingly, taking only fifteen minutes or so.  Before this it would quite literally have taken all day.

I also ordered 8 Gb or ram for the HP since it's often at 4.5 out of 6GB.  I also ordered another USB to HDMI adapter: once you get used to using two monitors it's hard to deal with just one.

I also discovered that the laptop has a known HP issue: the WiFi shuts off if you close the case, even if you are using an external monitor.  Even when you tell it not to, and even when the mouse and keyboard and display are still working...the WiFi cuts off.  There are angry reports about this dating back to 2014 on the web, and various suggestions for a fix, none of which worked for me.  I'd always assumed it was just a weak signal in the other office and that the antenna was in the screen...not so.

Books Read, Week 40, 2019:

#1 Deep War
#2 Merchant and Magic (M&E #1)
#3 The Scavenger's Gift (M&E #2)
#4 Imperial Magic (M&E #3)
#5 Merchant and Empire (M&E #4)
#6 Lies Sleeping (Rivers of London #7)
#7 The Swift Programming Language 4.2
#8 Skipknot (Jane Bunker #1)
#9 Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints
#10 Fisherman's Bend (Jane Bunker #2)
#11 My Kind of Freedom
#12 The Peshawar Lancers
#13 Goblin Moon
#14 Battle Angel Alita #1
#15 Mastering Swift 4: Fourth Edition
#16 The Golden Tresses of the Dead
#17 The Maze Runner
#18 The Scorch Trials
#19 The Fever Code
#20 The Death Cure
#21 Swift for Absolute Beginners
#22 Blood, Sweat, and Pixels
#23 Null-A Continuum
#24 Octavia Gone (Alex Benedict #8)
#25 Divergent
#26 Pacific Crucible
#27 Nowither (#2)
#28 The Conquering Tide
#29 The Old Man
#30 Rise of a D-list Supervillian
#31 Alliance Rising
#32 Tiamat's Wrath (Expanse #8)
#33 Pass of Fire (Destroyermen #14)
#34 The Hive (Formic Wars #2)

Friday 4 October  2019

Friday -Nice weather.

The new Crucial SSD drive for the HP laptop arrived earlier in the week, so I installed it.  It went well, no real issues, using the free Acronis backup imaging software that they included a link to. There were a few reboots and the like, but it seems to work well, much faster and happier.

There's another, non-Catalina, OSX update.  WTH is up with Apple these days?

For some reason I can only see the last six pictures on my iPhone.  It seems to be the iOS on the phone acting up, since this acts the same when tethered to the MacBook and the Win10 laptop. I have about 300 pictures on there.

Thursday 3 October 2019

Thursday -The nice weather continues (with occasional days of high wind) so I am preparing to pain the back and north sides of the house. I have help from the young men next door, but that only goes so far.  Fortunately the back is already much better.

All my paint and painting gear is at the bottom of the pile, so I'm trying to unstack things.  I have some metal shelves that I bought used, and after a couple of days of work, are clean enough to stack stuff on.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Wednesday - Windy. Back is a bit better, was able to stuff the garbage bins with tumbleweeds.

Drove into town and did a few items.  Doing some work on the PC, and light cleaning, starting to move stuff in from the garage pile.

Went out for dinner at Azteca here in Antelope Acres. 

Dinner and a show:

They had a local high speed chase on the teevee's.  Somebody did a carjacking, then when the CHP tracked him down, stole one of their cruisers... Eventually he ran it into a ditch trying to offroad it out west of Rosamond.

Tuesday 1 October  2019

Tuesday - A beautiful morning.

This would have been Mom's 95th.

Monday 30 September 2019

Monday - Not doing much, working on getting the PC working correctly, no yard work or anything.

Sunday 29 September 2019

Sunday - Warming up, about 90F in Lancaster. Some really hot days are predicted for later in the week. Bah.

I went shopping with S, taking the Ram, but back is still very stiff, so didn't do much afterwards. Sadly I left my good metal insulated coffee mug on the rear bumper, when leaving the house, and it's gone.  I retraced my drive, but didn't see it anywhere along the road...

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Fall 2019 Equinox Sunrise
Fall 2019, an Equinox Sunrise.

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