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WEEK 41 2019 

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Saturday 12 October  2019

Saturday -Messed around with the Mac for a bit.  Apple wants me to upgrade the OS, but I'm not ready to trust them on that, as I said.  Still can't get the pictures off of the iPhone...

Priming stuff on the house, on the eastern (back) side. Slow work, lots of missing paint under the edges of the clapboards, and elsewhere.

Probably not a lot of updates for a while, the painting does a number on my hands, typing updates may be too much to do...

Friday 11 October  2019

Friday - Another nice day.

Another Xcode update: this time with OSX Catalina hidden inside it.  I think I'll wait on installation, given the number of recent Mojave issues... Never be a beta tester on a production system!

Thursday 10 October 2019

Thursday - Another nice day.

Talking to a friend. Apparently an elderly relative hasn't filed state or federal taxes in years, and it's catching up to them...  >:-o

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Wednesday - A beautiful day.

I went into town, had lunch at Dickie's with S.  Afterwards we went over to Walmart and picked up a new iPad for me: the old one just barely runs these days. It looks about the same size as the old one, so maybe the old "Moko" case will fit.

I've been texting the neighbor about his dog, but he doesn't appear to be doing anything.  Annoying. It's Dog Ownership 101: it doesn't get to bark all the time.  Yet this appears to be beyond the guys comprehension. Most likely he just doesn't care and I'll have to get Animal Control involved.

Tuesday 8 October  2019

Tuesday -Nice day.

Not much really going on here.

Monday 7 October 2019

Monday - Nice, it's cooling down.

The Dodger's are in the playoff's, but they don't look very good, to be honest. I watched part of one game at the neighbor's.

Blacklist, Season 7, started last Friday.  The neighbor, fortunately, gets Direct TV or something, and has recorded it. As I recall the cliffhanger at the end of Season 6 had Reddington being stabbed...

Sunday 6 October 2019

Sunday - A pleasant day. S is out of town, so I didn't bother going into town to shop, I've enough food to get by for a while.

Apropos of that, I bought some new water filters for the fridge, and my coffee tastes decent again, without having to buy bottled water. I have a nice reverse osmosis system, in a box, but it looks like they plumbed the sink and dishwasher: then put the tops on the counters. It's going to be a pain to fix.

I did a bit more work in cleaning up the garage and work areas.

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big horn sheep
My friend Dave sent this to me. Valley of Fire I think.

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