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WEEK 14 2021 

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Saturday 3 April 2021

Saturday - Warm, and a bit windy now and then.  Not too bad.

Went into town and bought some stuff for the house, did a few chores, continued cleaning in the garage.

Also fetched the awnings out of storage, since it is starting to get warm again.  The house still cools off at night, and it hasn't yet hit 80F inside in the daytime  (except in the west office) but it's getting there. 

Book #17 was Programming in Objective-C (6th edition), by S. Kochan.  I should use enumerations and structures more...

There is actually an Advanced Programming in Objective-C, that he published in 2018 (!), but it is already out of print and there are no new or used copies to be had.  Not on Amazon, Alibris, Barnes&Noble, AbeBooks...

Swift has taken OC's place in publishing and there probably won't be any new books on it.  I'm actually a bit surprised that there was anything in 2018 - maybe a contractual requirement between publisher and author?

Friday 2 April 2021

Friday - Good Friday.  We lost Mom on Good Friday in 1998, though it was the 10th of April.

Warming up, in the mid 80's I guess.

Started cleaning up in the garage, it's a mess, hard to move forward on new projects with all the cr*p in there.

My brother texted a pic of his cat Xeno, it's his (Xeno's) 16th birthday, but he's hanging in there...

Book #16 would be The Return of the King, by J.R.R. Tolkien (narrated by Rob Inglis).  It's a bit of a cult classic, but you may have heard about it...

I'll need something new to help with the insomnia now.

Thursday 1 April 2021

Thursday - Started back to work on various things.

I've beer researching online with the aim of finding some binoculars that I can use without my glasses.  Basically it seems to come down to the matter of "focus past infinity" and it just isn't listed by manufacturers.  But there are a few threads in birding and astronomical forums that talk about the subject, so I've a few leads. The Vortex series, for one, and possibly the Oberwerks.

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Wednesday - Still tired.

I guess there was another Starship test flight, followed by another explosion on/near landing.  This time it happened in fog, so there are no good videos.  I'm a bit unclear on the concept of doing test flights in the fog, to be honest.

Tuesday 30 March  2021

Tuesday - Windy, scattered clouds.

Too tired to do much...

Monday 29 March 2021

Monday - OTR. 

We actually slept in fairly late, it was after 8am by the time we were out the door.

We called my brother and had breakfast at Pegg's with him, then hit the road.

Back in town by later afternoon.

Pretty tired, but the window issue was the only problem in nearly a 1,000 miles of driving.  That's pretty cool.

The cats were happy to see me, but AH's boys had taken good care of them.

Sunday 28 March 2021

Sunday - OTR.

We arrived in Albany on Saturday night, and checked in at a local motel.

Waking up early we went by the seller's place and took a gander at the vehicle (a 1966 F-250/300 flatbed), which was at the curb.  It looked good, but rather than call the guy and wake him and his family up at 7:30am we went to a nearby restaurant for breakfast.

At 8 AH texted, and the seller called back a little bit later.  After breakfast we went over, checked it out in a bit more detail, named it Fred after the guys granddad (the original owner), handed him the money, and hit the road a bit before 10am.

It turned out to be geared looooooooow.  As in 55mph on the freeway low.  I led the way, having cruise control, and we headed south, going the back way via the Willamette and Alturas because AH wanted to overnight in Yerington.

A problem happened - the drivers side window wouldn't roll up.  Which meant that AH was wind blasted the whole way down...

As it turns out, Yerington was just too far.  By 10pm AH was beat, after driving a 50yo truck without power steering and no window for 12 hours, so we just stopped in Reno Carson City for the night.

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owens lake
Owens Lake from the north, February 2021.

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