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WEEK 20 2019 

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Saturday 18 May  2019
Saturday - It started off nice, sunny and warm. 

I planted the tomato seedlings, and it then got darker and windier as the day went on.  I also planted a bit of grass for the cats, in some pots.  I put up the two bird feeders, since I ran across them in the container the other day.

AH returned my wheeled week whacker after fixing it - he said the switch was bad, not the motor.  The weeds are already dying, but it'll be nice to have around for the next growth season. I actually thought he needed it for a rental, but I guess not.

Books So Far for 2019:

#1 Deep War
#2 Merchant and Magic (M&E #1)
#3 The Scavenger's Gift (M&E #2)
#4 Imperial Magic (M&E #3)
#5 Merchant and Empire (M&E #4)
#6 Lies Sleeping (Rivers of London #7)
#7 The Swift Programming Language 4.2
#8 Skipknot (Jane Bunker #1)
#9 Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints
#10 Fisherman's Bend (Jane Bunker #2)
#11 My Kind of Freedom
#12 The Peshawar Lancers
#13 Goblin Moon
#14 Battle Angel Alita #1
#15 Mastering Swift 4: Fourth Edition
#16 The Golden Tresses of the Dead
#17 The Maze Runner
#18 The Scorch Trials
#19 The Fever Code
#20 The Death Cure
#21 Swift for Absolute Beginners

Friday 17 May 2019
Friday - Too cold and windy to walk.

The leg, while not completely healed, is much better.  My brother said it took years for him to really get better from his sciatica, so I guess a few months is nothing to complain about.

The book I was working from has issues.  Supposedly there is a forum and support site, but it no longer exists where the book claims it should be.  Apress has no forum for their books.  As a developer I could probably spend some time debugging what the authors and Apple have done...but I probably won't bother. Annoying.

Book #21 is therefore Swift 4 for Absolute Beginners, by Kaczmarek, Lees and Bennett.  Since I stopped at page 156 of 308 I'm more than halfway through, so it counts as a read.  I'd continue, but in subsequent chapters they are building on the stuff in the chapter that already doesn't work, and I don't want to be debugging their stuff for the next week. I'm glad it was a library book.

The termite people never contacted me. Ah well, there are others with better yelp reviews. I found more, new, traces in the kitchen dropped ceiling.  Bah.

Thursday 16 May 2019
Thursday - Cool and breezy.  Occasional sprinkles.

I went for a walk in the morning with friends, then worked on app stuff all afternoon. 

I need to get cracking on that. The book I'm working through isn't all that good to be honest, and Apple has changed some of their Xcode templates enough since 2018 to make some of their examples not work.

I did some web searching for used Honda Ridgelines.  Like Toyota Corolla's, there are none in the AV and very few anywhere else, of recent vintage and low miles. That's one way of detecting quality in a vehicle.

Wednesday 15 May 2019
Wednesday - Cool and gray out.

The termite people never showed, and never responded to my phone call and message.  I guess it's time for a new contractor.

I did a load of wash, and some other chores while waiting around.

Tuesday 14 May  2019
Tuesday - Decent weather, some clouds.

Budd was complaining bitterly in the evening, when in his little pen.  I finally got up to investigate and found that someone had, during the day, left a little "present" for him, in the middle of his cat bed.  Probably Suzy.  So I pulled that out, and gave him a couple of old blankets to sleep on.  I'll have to do some wash tomorrow I guess.

Monday 13 May 2019
Monday - Reasonable weather.  It isn't the 100F temperatures of last year, which is nice.

I called the Old Tyme Termite people, and set up another appointment for Wednesday, since they stood me up last Saturday.

I received an email back from the HSA Bank people, saying that I should now call them.  So I've done the online app, I've emailed, and their response is: "Try again, sucka!".

Looking them up on Yelp, their rating is one star.

It's remarkable how incompetent everyone is these days.  Or maybe I'm just more sensitive to it.

Dogs have been picked up.

Sunday 12 May 2019
Sunday - Mothers day.  Reasonable weather.

R&S will pick up their dogs tomorrow.

I did not do shopping in the morning.

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budd napping
Budd napping.

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